Mindfulness for Children

I teach both Paws .b and .b, the courses developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project and I am also a certified children’s trainer in the 'Mindfulness Matters!' method of Eline Snel.  The Mindfulness is Schools courses are class room based courses delivered to children within a school setting. Mindfulness Matters (Method Eline Snel) can be delivered both in school and in private groups for children between the ages of 4 and 19. 

"Mindfulness Matters is an 8 to 10 week mindfulness training and is meant for children and adolescents aged from 4 to 19. During the training, children learn to stabilise, focus and shift their attention using a kind, attentive attitude. They become familiar with their inner-world, without having to make any immediate judgements about what they (or others) think, feel or experience. They learn to deal with calm and turmoil when these present themselves. And to acknowledge ‘troublesome thoughts and feelings’ without burying them away, or getting carried away by them, but by simply giving them some kind attention. Above all: they learn to be kind, to themselves and others" (Eline Snel)

I also run Mindfulness meditation classes for children outside of school, and parent and child Introduction to Mindfulness sessions.

Paws .b (Pause, Breath and Be) is a mindfulness course designed for 7-11 year old children and .b (dot Be) is designed for 12-18 year olds. Both courses should be taught by specifically trained teachers who must have their own established mindfulness practice.

Following many years of scientific research into the beneficial effects of mindfulness on our health and well-being, attention is now being turned towards the positive influence mindfulness meditation can have on the lives of children and young people both at home and within the school setting.

Paws .b is a 12 session mindfulness course, based on 6 themes.  The children are introduced, in a fun way, to how our brains behave and how we can gain more control over our minds with Mindfulness practice. These skills help children to improve their: relationships,  concentration, enhanced learning ability, and develop greater resilience to stress and anxiety. It also helps them to take care of themselves during challenging times and learn to respond rather than react in the heat of the moment.

I would encourage you to view the ITV News item http://www.itv.com/news/wales/update/2013-12-08/new-mindfulness-techniques-used-in-schools/ where you can hear pupils speaking movingly about their experiences of developing mindfulness skills.

.b is a fun, engaging and useful ten-session mindfulness course for young people, adapted from the adult courses Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.  It has been evaluated positively by the University of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes, and can be used in a wide range of contexts and age ranges.

Paws .b and .b have been "carefully crafted by classroom teachers to engage everyone, including the most cynical of student audiences. It is taught with striking visuals, film clips and activities that bring mindfulness to life without losing the expertise and integrity of classic mindfulness teaching" (Mindfulness In Schools 2015).

Paws .b and .b help to promote well-being in children and young people.

What Paws .b and .b ISN'T:

Boring, Hippy dippy, Yoga, Religious, Therapy.